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Authority of Council

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The Council has autonomous legislative powers to enact, revise and abolish the municipal ordinance, as well as autonomous fiscal power to examine and decide budget bills, and verify appropriate execution of the budget as representatives of citizens.
In addition, the City Council deliberates on dministrative affairs, accepts petitions submitted by citizens, and performs other duties as specified under the provisions of related laws and ordinance.

Resolution Rights
Resolution rights mean the decisions made from the proceedings for the autonomous entity or the council. The council shall have the resolution rights on the establishment, revision and abolition of the regulations, the discussion and decision of the budget and the approval of settlement of accounts. We take the limited enumeration for granted upon the resolution of local council, hence we exclude the agenda unlisted by laws and ordinances.
Voting Rights
The Council often decides matters by votes. Voting rights include the right to elect members of internal organizations of the Council, and the right to appoint granted pursuant to the regulations, such as the Local Autonomy Act. (Chairman, Vice-Chairman, and Chief of the Standing Committee are elected, members of the examiner of account settlements are appointed.)
Self-Governing Rights
Self-governing rights is the right to organize and manage the Council of its own will without outside interventions from the state or the executive branch. The self-governing rights of local council include the right to enact local parliamentary rules; the right to decide the starting and closing, and the term of the sessions; the right to maintain order; the right to punish and to examine qualifications of the council members; the right of nonconfidence in the Chairman and the Vice-Chairman; and the right to organize the internal structure.

Enactment and Abolishment of an Ordinance

An ordinance is the law of an autonomous entity. An ordinance might limit citizens’ rights and impose duties, or it might promote social welfare and reduce citizens’ burdens. The delegation of law must precede when deciding matters related to limitations of citizens’ rights, imposition of duties, or penal regulations.

  1. Bill Proposal

    Mayor, one-fifth of the members

  2. Resolution

    Presence of the majority of the incumbent council members and the affirming vote of the majority of the present

  3. Transfer

    Transfer to the Mayor within 5 days after the day of the resolution

  4. Proclamation

    Within 20 days by Mayor

In a reconsideration requested by the Mayor,
if the same resolution as before is made by the presence of the majority of the incumbent council members and
the affirming vote of the two-thirds of the present, the proposal is affirmed as ordinance.

Deliberation and Affirmation of Budget Bill and Approval of Settlement of Accounts

The Council adopts the City’s annual budget, thereby establishing service programs and objectives of the municipal governments for the year. Once the Mayor submits the proposed budget to the Council, the Council evaluates it closely to avoid wasting tax.

Proceedings of Budget Bill

  1. Compilation of Budget Bill, Submittal(Mayor)

    Annual budget bill is submitted to the Council by the Major at least 40 days before the beginning of the fiscal year. After the Major’s proposition is heard at a plenary session, it is transferred to the standing committee concerned.

  2. Preliminary Discussion(Standing Committee)

    The standing committee concerned performs a preliminary examination and reports on the result to the Chairman. The Chairman then refers the budget bill to the special committee on budget and settlement of accounts with the report.

  3. General Discussion(Special Committee)

    The Council is not authorized to increase the amount of expenditures or to create a new expenditure item without the Mayor’s consent. The Mayor shall prepare and submit a revised budget bill when an amendment of the bill becomes necessary due to unavoidable circumstances after the budget bill is submitted.

  4. Discussion & Resolution(Plenary Session)

    The bill shall be resolved on by 10 days before the beginning of the fiscal year. The Chairman shall transfer the resolved budget bill to the Mayor within 3 days.

Proceedings of Settlement of Accounts

  1. Request for Approval(Mayor)

    The Mayor prepares an account report within 80 days after the closing of revenue and expenditure accounts, and requests an approval of the settlement of the accounts by the City Council, attaching an inspection report by the account settlement examiner appointed by the Council.

  2. Budget Discussion(Standing Committee)

    The standing committees concerned perform preliminary examinations of whether the budget has been executed in a lawful and appropriate manner, and report on the result to the Chairman. The Chairman submits the accounts report to the Special Committee on Budget and Settlement of Accounts with the preliminary examination reports.

  3. General Discussion(Special Committee on Budget and Settlement of Accounts)

    General discussion based on preliminary examinations of the standing committees is conducted, and the result is submitted to plenary session.

  4. Approval(Council)

    The approval of settlement of accounts is an expost facto control of the revenue and expenditure accounts for the fiscal year, and shall be subject to the procedure to obtain the approval of the Council.

Audit and Investigation of the City Administration

The City Council conducts an audit of the city administration over a period of less than 7 days during the second regular session of each year. Special matters of the autonomous entity administration may be inspected if it is proposed by joint signatures of more than one-third of the incumbent council members and voted on at a plenary session. If deemed necessary, the Council may request an on-site inspection or submission of related documents, or may request the Mayor, related government officials, or other persons to testify under oath as a witness.

Accepting and Handling of Petitions

The City Council shall deliberate over matters submitted by citizens by means of written petitions for improvement of administration.

* Proceedings of Accepting and Handling Petitions
  1. Receipt by the Council

    Submittal of Application of Petition

    • Signatures as well as names and addresses of the petitioners shall be included in the application.
    • Reference by a council member shall be attached.

    Submittal of Petition

    • Certain opinion or wish is expressed. (Request for a relief when a citizen’s right or interest is violated, or request for correction of public servant’s misconduct)
    • Petition containing an interference of a trial or a violation of regulation shall be rejected.
  2. Resolution of the Council

    Submittal of Petition to the Committee

    • The referring council member shall explain the purpose of the petition when requested by the committee concerned or the plenary session.
    • If the presentation for consideration of the petition at the plenary session is deemed unnecessary, the result of the proceeding is reported to the Chairman who then notifies the petitioner(s).
  3. Execution by the Mayor

    Adoption of the Petition at the Plenary Session following Deliberation and Resolution

    • Matters in the Petition to be executed by the Mayor is attached with the petition report and forwarded to the Mayor.
    • The Mayor executed the petition and reports on the result to the Council without delay.
    • Council notifies the result to the petitioner.

Right to Request a Report and Submission of Document

The Council may request to be reported on a matter for the purpose of auditing the administration of the executive office. The Council has the right to request submission of documents related to audit, inspection, and deliberation of an item in front of it.

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