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  • Vice Chairman
    • Standing Committee
      • Council Steering Committee
      • Administration & Local Economy Committee
      • Health & Social Affairs Committee
      • City Construction Committee
    • Special Committee


Secretary General
  • Proceeding Officer
  • Affairs Officer
  • Public Information
  • Council Steering Adviser Commissioner
  • Lawmaking Adviser Commissioner
  • Administration & Local Economy Adviser Commissioner
  • Health & Social Affairs Adviser Commissioner
  • City Construction Adviser Commissioner
  • The Chairman represents the Council, arranges Council proceedings, maintains order in meetings, and supervises administrative works of the Council.
  • The Vice Chairman acts as a deputy Chairman in the absence of the Chairman.
  • The Standing Committee handles deliberation of bills and petitions under its jurisdiction.
  • The Secretary General handles overall administrative works of the Council and supervises employees under the instruction and supervision of the Chairman.
  • There are Proceeding, Affairs, and Public Information Advisers to efficiently carry out the works of the Council.
  • The Adviser Commissioner reviews and reports on the bills of the committees; produces deliberation reports; and assists with the proceeding of the meetings.

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